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This year, through various discussions and reading, we came to see the baptising of infants as both biblical and important.  These resources most helped us in this:

The following, together with links, is the best argument against infant baptism that we encountered:

  • Why I am a Credobaptist by Stephen Wellum (a credobaptist is someone who only baptises professing believers and is therefore against baptising infants).

Why It Matters

Our views on baptism should not be a cause of division in the church. This is why my own church allows for elders to hold different views concerning who should be baptised. If an elder disagrees with the practice of infant baptism, he may not insist on rebaptising those who were baptised previously as infants. On the other hand, if he is in favour of baptising infants, he may not require that believing parents baptise their children.

While we should not be divisive over who should be baptised, it is still an important issue for the following reasons:

  • Baptism is commanded, so we should understand what it essentially is and to whom it should be administered.
  • It affects the way we read the bible. Infant baptism tends to emphasise the continuity between the old and new testaments, whereas “believers-only” baptism emphasises the discontinuity. This in turn affects our understanding of a number of things, including the ten commandments, end times and even the mission of the church.
  • It affects the way we raise our children. Infant baptism encourages us to view our children as disciples, just as the Jews did in circumcising their children. On the other hand, “believers-only” baptists are inclined towards seeing their children as unbelievers who first need to be converted.



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